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AT-3000 Plasma System


Plasma Process

In the plasma spraying process, the material to be deposited ,typically as a powder, is introduced into a plasma jet stream.  This plasma stream is created by disassociating gas molecules combinations of  hydrogen, argon, helium, and nitrogen in an electric arc. The energy from this reaction generates a gas stream that is at a temperature that exceeds 20,000° F which is capable of melting all materials that can be made into a powder.  After the material is melted in the plasma gas stream, it is atomized ans propelled towards the surface being coated. There, the molten droplets flatten, rapidly solidify and form a deposit.  There are a large number of technological parameters that influence the interaction of the particles with the plasma jet and the substrate and therefore the deposit properties. These parameters include feedstock type, plasma gas composition and flow rate, energy input, torch offset distance, substrate cooling, etc.

The former Miller Thermal group is still in Appleton WI and they are known as Thermach.  They continue to build and improve on one of the cornerstones of Thermal Spray Equipment.

The AT-3000 has the following features:


Standard features include:

  • Wall mounted console
  • Built-in user-operated Safety Purge System
    (Class 1 Division 2 Type Z Purging, per NFPA 496)
  • Booth and Emergency Stop Interconnections
  • Critical Orifice Gas Flow Control
    • Argon/Nitrogen Primary Gas Control
    • Helium/Hydrogen Secondary Gas Control
    • Two Argon/Nitrogen Carrier Gas Controls
  • Touchscreen/PLC Control of System Functions
    • Automatic Process Start and Stop
    • Alarms and Warnings
      with Automatic Safety Shutdown Sequences
    • Closed Loop Amperage Control
    • Dual Powder Feeder Control
      • Controls two Powder Feeders separately or simultaneously
      • Closed Loop RPM Control
        (when using 0-15 RPM AT-1200 Powder Feeders)
  • Process hour meter
    with settable maintenance alarm
  • 60KW Power Supply (1000 Amps at 60 Volts, 100% duty cycle)
  • 10 Ton Heat Exchanger with alarm feedback to console
  • Solid State High Frequency Arc Starter
  • Built-In Gun Voltage Sensing

Optional Features/Equipment:

  • 96kW Power Supply
  • Manipulation/Robot Interface
  • Wheeled Console Cart

Main Screen
Auto Mode
Control Screen
Wheel Speed
Control Screen

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